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Providing a stable, secure, and comprehensive analytics framework, our SAS-hosted solution supports every phase of the clinical journey.

At Strong Tower Solutions, we understand the strengths and nuanced dynamics of harnessing SAS as a full suite as well as individual products. As an experienced partner who is laser-focused on your success, we work to empower each customer with an individualized plan with recommended solutions and products that are truly the best fit for their organization. We are there every step of the way to help you integrate your existing data management and analytics software components and maintain the value in your solution.

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Working with SAS

SAS Engagements

Qualified SAS installations

With robust expertise and experience with SAS software, we deliver

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Highest business value with lowest total cost of ownership

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Hands-on guidance and best-fit product recommendations

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Value at every step in your solution integration

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Deep understanding of industry requirements and organizational goals

Our SAS services and offerings

Hosted and Qualified SAS® Environments

Fast track your SAS-hosted solution with defendable infrastructure for regulatory environments. Working with our hosting partner to provide a full-service life sciences compliant community cloud, we have successfully delivered dozens of SAS environments.

  • Satisfy quality and regulatory standards
  • Offer complete coverage and customization
  • Host supportive applications
  • Meet compliance requirements
hosted qualified sas environments
qualified iqoq configuration installation

Qualified (IQOQ) Configuration and Installation of SAS® Software

Our architects and engineers understand the robust installation and configuring needs across applications. No matter where customers intend to build their infrastructure, our expert team has the expertise.

  • Consider GxP and QA best practices
  • Understand complete technical stack
  • Perform qualification tests
  • Adapt to your infrastructure

Validation (PQ) for SAS® Software

Validation of solutions like SAS require our clients to show that the software works as they intend to use it. To help satisfy this requirement, Strong Tower Solutions offers a series of validation services to ensure clients have the proper documentation.

  • Offer validation templates
  • Provide time and materials service
  • Include documentation customization
  • Execute performance qualification
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sts sas version control

STS SAS® Version Control

Traditional SAS offerings do not include Version Control. That’s why we developed an add-on service that complements SAS, delivering a comprehensive versioning solution for SAS code and data sets. This service aids in tracking changes to better meet an organization’s internal change policies and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Track organizational changes
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Offers services for SAS code
  • Provide solution for data sets

Make your SAS implementation stronger.

Speak with an expert to learn how to harness our collective expertise in SAS and life sciences to design and implement a solution that meets your nuanced computing requirements and sets you up for regulatory success.