Navigate clinical trials with confidence.

As your molecule progresses through the pivotal clinical stages, reliability and agility in data management are crucial for success.

With a deep understanding of the challenges and intricacies involved in clinical research, Strong Tower provides innovative solutions designed to support the scale, complexity, and regulatory rigor of the clinical trial process.

A true partner to organizations in the clinical stage of research, Strong Tower combines a consultative experience and a proven methodology to ensure the success of your implementation. From SAS Integration to version control systems, our services ensure the highest standards of accuracy, adaptability, and compliance, empowering you to navigate the complexities of clinical research with confidence.

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Bring strong data management to the clinic.

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Ensure Reliable Clinical Trial Data

Strong Tower implements robust version control mechanisms to safeguard the reliability and accuracy of your critical clinical trial data. Our expertise in SAS Integration and R & Python interoperability ensures seamless cross-platform communication, minimizing errors and discrepancies in data transfer and analysis.

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Respond to Changing Trial Conditions

Our platforms enable swift adjustments to changing trial conditions, ensuring flexibility and agility throughout the clinical journey. We help facilitate the creation of transparent and reproducible analysis workflows for biostatistics, empowering your team to adapt quickly to new data demands and regulatory requirements.

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Streamline Regulatory Processes

We have a strong commitment to compliance that extends to every aspect of our services, ensuring that your data management practices meet and exceed regulatory standards. Our suite of clinical solutions provides robust statistical analysis and validation tools that support compliance with regulatory requirements, enabling you to navigate regulatory scrutiny with confidence.

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SAS Integration and R & Python Interoperability

By integrating disparate systems and tools, we facilitate the efficient transfer and analysis of data, minimizing errors and discrepancies that may arise from manual data entry or incompatible formats. This seamless integration enhances data quality, accuracy, and consistency, enabling researchers to make informed decisions with confidence and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

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Posit Connect Solution

Specifically designed to facilitate transparent and reproducible analysis workflows in clinical trials, we provide a centralized platform for data management and analysis. Highly adaptable, this platform helps researchers quickly adjust their analysis workflows in response to changing trial conditions and regulatory requirements. Ultimately, this not only supports streamlined and confident compliance, but also accelerates the development and approval of new therapeutics.

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Version Control

Extending beyond traditional version control offerings, Strong Tower designed a mechanism to safeguard the reliability and accuracy of clinical trial data in compliance with regulatory standards. By tracking changes to data sets and documentation, we ensure that the most up-to-date and accurate information is used for analysis and reporting, preventing errors and enhancing the integrity of clinical trial reporting.

We deliver solutions to that go beyond the standard.

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“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of your hard work on the master databases for our program. I literally could not have done anything I’ve done at PK without your work on those, it has driven our company and my function significantly forward.”

— Vice President, Biometrics, Mid-size Biotech
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Strong Tower protect the integrity of accuracy in clinical trial data?

Strong Tower employs a multi-faceted approach to protect the accuracy and integrity of your sensitive clinical trial data. Firstly, we implement robust version control mechanisms, which track changes to data sets and ensure that the most up-to-date and accurate information is used for analysis. This helps prevent errors and discrepancies that may arise from using outdated or incorrect data. Additionally, we ensure seamless integration across platforms, allowing for smooth data transfer and analysis between different systems and tools. By minimizing data transfer errors and ensuring consistency across platforms, Strong Tower helps to maintain the reliability of your most valuable asset, your clinical trial data, to support enhanced decision-making and regulatory compliance.

How does Strong Tower support adaptability in clinical trials?

Strong Tower recognizes the dynamic nature of clinical trials and the need for adaptability in response to changing trial conditions and regulatory requirements. Our platforms are designed to enable swift adjustments to evolving trial protocols, patient populations, and regulatory standards. For example, our Posit Connect solution facilitates transparent and reproducible analysis workflows, allowing researchers to quickly adapt to new data demands and regulatory requirements without compromising data integrity. Additionally, our team works closely with clients to anticipate potential challenges and proactively implement solutions to address them. By fostering adaptability and flexibility in clinical trial operations, Strong Tower helps clients stay agile and responsive in the face of the many changes that occur over the course of a clinical program.

How does Strong Tower ensure compliance with regulatory standards?

Laser focused on serving the highly regulated pharmaceutical space, Strong Tower is adept at maintaining compliance with all applicable regulatory standards throughout the clinical trial journey. We pay meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of data management, ensuring that data collection, processing, and analysis adhere to both regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Additionally, we provide robust statistical analysis tools like JMP Clinical, which are specifically designed to support compliance with regulatory standards such as those set by the FDA. These tools help researchers generate accurate and reliable results that meet regulatory scrutiny. Furthermore, our team stays abreast of changes in regulatory requirements and works closely with clients to ensure that their clinical trial processes remain compliant as regulatory scrutiny increases throughout the clinical trial process and beyond. By prioritizing compliance at every stage of the clinical journey, Strong Tower helps clients navigate regulatory challenges with confidence and integrity.