A proven methodology for successful results.

Our customers operate in a regulated environment that requires careful quality control and strong operating procedures.

They also need strong and reliable partners that provide thoughtful collaboration and consistently deliver at the highest level to support their success.

The “Strong Protocol” is our approach to providing solutions and services. It is based on a set of core principles that ensure we deliver the highest level of success and satisfaction for our life science customers.

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Core Principles


Dedicated Delivery Teams

Our specialized, focused, and highly skilled delivery teams provide dedicated attention and hands-on support.


Standardized Approach

Documented contracts, processes, tasks, and template-based deliverables ensure standardized excellence in delivery.


Continuous Improvement

Our delivery approach continues to be sharpened and perfected by formal vendor qualification audits, internal reviews, and regular feedback loops.

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Dedicated Delivery Teams

We believe a strong foundation for delivering outstanding service is to use highly qualified small teams with a strong leader that guides and manages the workload. Smaller, highly focused teams naturally share best practices and collaborate more effectively. Focusing the team in key areas like qualifying and validating a particular solution has ensured a near 100 percent level of satisfaction with our customers.

dedicated delivery teams
bg customer testimonials

“Thanks for leading the K/T sessions. You did a great job covering both the architecture and the installation details. I sincerely appreciate your hard work during this engagement, and especially your ability to communicate.”

— IT Director, Large Biotech Company
standardized approach
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Standardized Approach

Early on we recognized the need to develop a comprehensive set of processes and supporting documentation. This documentation includes a clear set of team roles, responsibilities, services, contracts, project plans, standard operating procedures, and delivery templates to ensure our delivery teams can execute quickly and efficiently every time.

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“It has been and is a pleasure working with you during this project. You’ve been extremely helpful in navigating through the options and working out the solutions to a project that ended up being even more complex than expected.”

— Director, Biometrics Programming, Mid-size Biotech Company
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Continuous Improvement

Working with and supporting hundreds of customers in life sciences has resulted in our participation in many initial qualifying and repeated audits. These vendor qualification audits, along with our internal weekly service delivery and bi-monthly quality reviews, provide continuous feedback which is then used to update our processes, documents, and related training materials.

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pharma industry data platforms

“Thanks again for all your engagement, dedication, and effort throughout this whole project. Even with all the changes and delays, you were still able to finish your tasks quickly, and in fact, because you completed OQs ahead of schedule and were on-call to work with my team, we are now back on schedule. We appreciate your attentiveness, flexibility, and prioritization in this manner, especially since most of us on the team are pretty new to SAS. You are a true SME of the product, and we are very fortunate to have you on this project!”

— IT Project Lead, Large Pharmaceutical Company
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There’s strength in our approach.

The right statistical computing environment begins with the right partner. At Strong Tower, we have perfected the delivery of statistical computing and data management solutions in a responsive partnership that is laser focused on your success.