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In the preclinical or exploratory phase, the foundation for a drug’s entire development lifecycle is established.

Characterized by complex datasets and an intense need for rapid and accurate analyses, preclinical projects demand a highly capable statistical computing environment with a compliant and scalable framework that will adapt as projects evolve. At the same time, preclinical projects prompt careful considerations regarding the future of investment in the molecule and funding support from investors.

As a skilled partner to life sciences organizations navigating molecules in the exploratory phase, Strong Tower balances the delicate relationship between performance and practicality. We deliver a biostatistical computing environment that meets current data processing demands while positioning your organization for scalability and regulatory success in each subsequent phase of your journey to market.

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We help preclinical innovators elevate their capabilities.

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Accommodate Data Volume & Complexity

As the volume and complexity of preclinical data grows in response to advanced instruments and analytical approaches, efficiently managing exploratory information becomes a monumental task. Strong Tower’s cloud-based biostatistical computing platforms provide life sciences organizations with the flexibility needed to handle large datasets with ease, ensuring that data is not just securely stored but also ready for analysis.

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Accelerate Discovery Workflows

The ability to quickly process, analyze, and interpret data can significantly shorten timelines in the exploratory phase—giving your organization a head start in the race to market. Strong Tower will support you in configuring and implementing best practice data ingestion and processing workflows so that your data flows seamlessly from collection to analysis, facilitating rapid insights.

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Ensure Ongoing Compliance

Setting up compliant systems from the outset is essential to the smooth progression through each subsequent phase of drug development. Our expertise in creating validated environments for SAS and R helps establish robust frameworks that meet regulatory requirements from the earliest exploratory stage, through rigorous clinical trials, and long after commercial approval.

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Cloud-Based Data Science Platforms

We’ll work with you to deploy a scalable and flexible data environment on AWS or Azure that is tailored for the dynamic needs of your preclinical research. These platforms support high-throughput data processing and sophisticated analytical algorithms, enabling scientists to explore vast datasets with unparalleled efficiency.

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SAS & R Environment Set Up

Strong Tower has deep expertise in setting up both validated and exploratory SAS and R environments. These systems are not only robust and compliant but also designed to scale with your project, ensuring that your computational resources match your research intensity at every step.

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Data Ingestion & Processing

Our advanced data ingestion solutions automate the collection and organization of data from diverse sources, while our processing services ensure that data integrity is maintained at scale. We’ll collaborate with you to configure an efficient and optimized analytical workflow, reducing the critical time from data to insight.

We deliver solutions to help meet preclinical requirements.

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“Thanks again for all your engagement, dedication, and effort throughout this whole project. Even with all the changes and delays, you were still able to finish your tasks quickly, and in fact, because you completed OQs ahead of schedule and were on-call to work with my team, we are now back on schedule. We appreciate your attentiveness, flexibility, and prioritization in this manner, especially since most of us on the team are pretty new to SAS. You are a true SME of the product, and we are very fortunate to have you on this project!”

— IT Project Lead, Large Pharmaceutical Company
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Strong Tower support data scalability in preclinical research?

In the face of rapidly growing data volumes and complexity in preclinical research, Strong Tower delivers biostatistical computing environments that are marked by scalability, performance, and flexibility. Our solutions allow researchers to start with the resources they need and scale up seamlessly as demands grow, without the need for significant infrastructure overhauls. Our solutions adapt effortlessly to increasing data loads, ensuring an efficient and optimized approach to preclinical data management and analysis.

Should I choose a validated or unvalidated system?

Choosing between a validated and unvalidated system depends largely on the phase of your project and regulatory requirements. For preclinical research, unvalidated systems might offer more flexibility and speed, suitable for exploratory data analysis where regulations are less stringent. However, as you move closer to clinical trials and commercialization, validated systems become crucial. They ensure compliance with regulatory standards, such as those set by the FDA, and provide a framework for maintaining data integrity and reliability.

Strong Tower recommends starting with a validated environment whenever possible, as it sets a strong foundation for meeting future regulatory scrutiny and minimizes risks associated with system changes or data revalidation. We offer consultations to help you decide based on your specific project timeline, regulatory pathway, and data complexity.

What is Strong Tower’s approach to handling large-scale exploratory data sets?

Strong Tower’s approach to managing large-scale exploratory data sets encompasses a wide range of growing research areas, including genomics, proteomics, environmental data, and more. We focus on providing statistical computing solutions that are scalable, secure, and integrated. More specifically, our strategy includes:

Scalable Cloud Storage: We use cloud-based technologies to offer scalable storage solutions and computational power. This approach ensures that we can manage large data sets efficiently, facilitating rapid analysis and data management without compromising performance, regardless of the data’s complexity or volume.

Data Integration and Interoperability: Recognizing the value of integrated data analysis in exploratory research, we specialize in combining data from various sources and types. This integration is crucial for generating comprehensive insights and uncovering novel discoveries during the exploratory phase.

High-Throughput Computing Resources: Our computing environments are optimized for high-throughput analysis, essential for handling and processing large data sets swiftly. This capability is vital for achieving timely insights, especially when working with vast amounts of exploratory data.

Robust Security and Compliance: Given the diverse nature of exploratory data, including sensitive genomic information, we maintain stringent security protocols and compliance with all relevant regulations.

How will Strong Tower continue to support me in the clinical phase?

As your project advances into the clinical phase, Strong Tower’s support evolves to meet the increasing complexity and regulatory requirements of your clinical trials. Our robust data management and biostatistical computing solutions are designed for seamless scalability and adaptability, ensuring that your data systems can handle the rigors of clinical phase demands without compromising on speed or compliance.

From SAS Integration and R & Python interoperability, to Posit biostatistics, and version control systems, the services we deliver share an unwavering focus on agility, compliance, and precise data management to help you keep trials on track while maintaining data integrity and auditability every step of the way.