Analytics Software & Solutions

Analytics Software & Solutions

We provide SAS solutions

Data Science Platform

Rapidly spin up a data repository in Azure, Amazon, or your prefered hosting provider for your data scientists

Hosted and Validated SAS

A standard and proven GxP compliant SAS environment for clinical data processing

sas version control

A simple and validated solution for version control of your SAS environment

SAS Administration Support

A cost-effective and subscription-based services model with a high level of expertise in SAS environments

Customer Compliments

I’ve had a chance to review the OQ documentation prior to QA review. You did a REALLY good job with the documentation, I sincerely appreciate the extra steps they went to in order to provide us with great documentation and following our needed procedures. Please pass that on if you can.

Large Life Sciences Company

Today is the first day on the new SAS server for the programming group. Now, on the phase 2 of the server implementation project! It has been and is a pleasure working with you during this project. You’ve been extremely helpful in navigating through the options and working out the solutions to a project that ended up being even more complex than expected.

Medium Life Sciences Company

I just received a phone call from our customer thanking me and our team’s effort and such a great job on this first phase. He said his only regret was bringing us in late. What your team delivered is exactly what they were looking for.

Medium Life Sciences Company

Thanks for the response and is what I expected. I’ll follow up regarding the potential of a support contract. Pretty sure I’ve got this one handled but wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t reach out to you. Again, I want to express my thanks for a job thoroughly well done and should the occasion arise will look forward to working with you and your organization in the future.

Small Life Sciences Company