Powerful data management solutions from the clinic to commercial launch.

As an organization moves from discovery and into the clinic, its focus transitions from establishing a robust and validated computing environment to maximizing it.

Data management in life sciences is marked by unrivaled scale and unforgiving regulatory requirements—which must be expertly balanced on the path to market. Strong Tower understands these challenges and offers tailored solutions to help organizations navigate the complexities of life sciences data management seamlessly, transforming vast clinical data into meaningful insight. We specialize in providing comprehensive data management services that streamline the collection, organization, and analysis of data in the lab, in the clinic, and into the market at large.

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Propel your clinical research forward with confidence in your data.

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Comprehensive Data Governance

We ensure integrity and regulatory compliance throughout the complex clinical trial lifecycle.

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Efficient Data Processing & Analysis

We streamline data processing and analysis workflows, facilitating rapid insights and informed decision-making.

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Tailored Solutions & Support

We offer customized data management strategies and dedicated support, driving success and innovation.

Our data management services transform clinical data into tangible insight.

Navigating clinical trial data management requires not just powerful biostatistical tools but also a partner who understands the intricacies of your data demands throughout the clinic and beyond.

Strong Tower provides the expertise, industry-leading technology partnerships, and flexible services necessary to meet your growing data management needs. Our solutions ensure that your clinical trial data is thoroughly analyzed, meticulously organized, and securely managed, all while meeting stringent regulatory requirements to support your long-term success.

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Data Orchestration

Efficiently import and manage study data, reducing time-to-import and maximizing your study investment. Our customizable workflows and notification options streamline data routing and processing, while our self-service interface ensures ease of use and full traceability.

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data retrieval
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Data Retrieval and Inventory

Utilize our platform to create and manage snapshots, ensuring full data lineage and enabling seamless comparison of past and current data instances. With our file restoration options, you can recover files by version, enhancing data security and integrity throughout the trial.

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Study, Milestone, and Snapshot Management

Track study history and milestones effortlessly, enabling efficient collaboration and information sharing across departments. Our comprehensive milestone management capabilities allow for easy duplication, security, and inclusion of snapshots, ensuring full control and visibility over your study data.

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legacy code
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Legacy Code Automation

Automate tasks such as edit checks, safety dashboards, and data conversion to streamline legacy SAS code processes. Our automated sequencing and metadata management capabilities ensure accuracy and efficiency, saving time and resources while enhancing data quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does a life sciences organization typically formalize its approach to data management?

Organizations typically formalize their approach to data management as they transition from preclinical to clinical phases, around the time they begin Phase I trials. The entry into clinical trials is marked by increased regulatory scrutiny, data volume, and complexity. Data management is critical to ensuring that data collection, storage, and analysis processes are robust, compliant, and scalable. Establishing a validated data management system at this stage helps maintain data integrity, support regulatory submissions, and facilitate efficient data analysis. Strong Tower’s expertise in designing and implementing comprehensive data management systems ensures that your data processes are optimized for success from early development through to market launch.

What kind of data management tools are most valuable to organizations in the clinic?

Scientific organizations benefit most from data management tools that offer robust data orchestration, real-time analytics, and comprehensive data governance. Tools that facilitate seamless integration with Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), and Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) are particularly valuable. Additionally, platforms that provide advanced features such as metadata management, automated data cleaning, and audit trails enhance data integrity and streamline compliance. Strong Tower offers a suite of validated data management tools tailored to the needs of clinical-stage therapeutics, ensuring that your data is accurate, traceable, and ready for regulatory scrutiny.

How do a clinical stage candidate’s data management practices impact speed to market?

Proper data management ensures that data collected during clinical trials is accurate, complete, and compliant with regulatory requirements. This reduces the risk of delays caused by data discrepancies, regulatory non-compliance, or the need for re-collection of data.

In addition, efficient data management practices facilitate streamlined data processing and analysis, enabling quicker decision-making and more proactive identification of any issues that may arise during trials. Robust data governance frameworks ensure data integrity and traceability, which are essential for meeting regulatory standards and expediting the approval process. Furthermore, advanced data management systems provide real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing for proactive management and faster resolution of potential bottlenecks.

Strong Tower’s data management solutions are designed to expedite the journey to market by offering comprehensive data orchestration, rigorous validation processes, and secure data handling. By leveraging our expertise, clinical stage candidates can optimize their data management workflows, reduce time-to-market, and improve the overall efficiency of their clinical trials.

What should organizations be looking for in their data management solutions?

Organizations should look for data management solutions that provide scalability, flexibility, and robust security measures. Key features include comprehensive data governance frameworks, efficient data processing and analysis workflows, and the ability to handle diverse data types and sources. Solutions should also offer integration capabilities with existing systems, advanced analytics, and real-time reporting to support informed decision-making. Strong Tower’s data management solutions are designed to meet these criteria, offering customizable, validated systems, deep integration expertise, and an approach that significantly accelerates time-to-insight.

How does Strong Tower ensure regulatory compliance in data management?

Strong Tower guarantees regulatory compliance by establishing thorough data governance frameworks aligned with industry standards like GxP, 21 CFR Part 11, and ICH guidelines. We perform stringent validation procedures, encompassing data, system, and process validation, to ensure all data management operations meet regulatory criteria. Our solutions offer comprehensive audit trails, real-time monitoring, and secure data handling methods, ensuring your data’s integrity and compliance throughout the clinical trial process.