Transforming data into differentiation throughout the clinical journey.

From accelerating exploratory research to enabling deep post-market insight, Strong Tower enables life sciences teams to focus on the science, not the busy work.

The data demands of life sciences organizations are diverse, unforgiving, and intrinsically linked to success. With stringent regulations and competing demands for efficiency and rigor, designing a statistical computing environment that will support a molecule’s entire journey to market requires a partner with extensive industry experience and a proven track record of excellence. Strong Tower delivers on all of these requirements with a partnership that meets you precisely where you are—and journeys with you to where you are going.

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Exploratory & Preclinical

Power your early discovery.

Kickstart your molecule’s journey with Strong Tower’s scalable and validated statistical computing environments. From biomolecular analysis to early safety assessments, our platforms, including validated and unvalidated SAS and R environments, are designed to streamline data ingestion processing and analysis. Overcome the mounting challenges of intense data volumes and complex analyses with cloud-based data science platforms that ensure your early-stage research is compliant while anticipating the requirements of your next step in the journey.

We deliver strong solutions for preclinical demands.

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Our flexible solutions provide you with the ability to scale computing resources up or down based on data volume and complexity.

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Our best-in-class technologies will dramatically reduce the cycle time for data processing and analysis, accelerating your journey to market.

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With compliance at the core of our approach, we deliver validated and unvalidated environments that incorporate the latest standards.

We support preclinical requirements with:

  • Cloud-based data science platforms
  • SAS & R environment set up
  • Data ingestion & processing
  • JMP software
clinical phases

Clinical Phases 1-3

Navigate clinical trials with confidence.

As your molecule advances through the pivotal clinical stages, reliability and agility in data management are paramount to success. Strong Tower’s expertise in SAS Integration and R & Python interoperability allow for seamless cross-platform communication and support the dynamic needs of your program as it moves through the clinical trial. Our Posit Connect solution facilitates the creation of a transparent and reproducible analysis workflow for biostatistics. Meticulous attention to detail during environment set up and version control together streamline regulatory compliance to keep your trials on track.

We deliver strong solutions for clinical demands.

icon accuracy


Through robust version control and seamless integration, we ensure the utmost reliability and accuracy in your critical clinical trial data.

icon adaptability


Our platforms and services enable a responsive approach to data management that adapts to changing trial conditions, size, requirements, and data.

icon compliance


Our commitment to compliance continues as regulatory scrutiny intensifies, streamlining your path to market.

We support clinical requirements with:

  • SAS integration
  • R & Python interoperability
  • Posit Connect
  • Version control
  • JMP Clinical
commercial post marketing

Commercial & Post-Marketing

Maximize your market impact.

After the commercial launch of your molecule, the focus shifts to real-world evidence gathering, market analysis, and ongoing safety monitoring. Our cloud-based platforms transform the delivery of analysis-ready data from months to days, enabling rapid response to market dynamics and regulatory inquiries. Leverage our proven track record in delivering high-powered data management and reporting solutions to gain insights that drive commercial success and inform lifecycle management strategies.

We deliver strong solutions for commercial demands.

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Our platforms ensure the swift delivery of analysis-ready data, turning months of work into days in support of agile decision making.

icon scale


We deliver cloud-based solutions that are built to scale, ensuring your data processing capabilities can accommodate intense volumes of real-world data.

icon compliance


We ensure security standards are upheld in your ongoing data management and reporting activities to support sustained regulatory compliance.

We support commercial requirements with:

  • Cloud-based data science platforms
  • SAS & R reporting for market analysis
  • Training & support for ongoing optimization
  • Real world evidence
right partner journey

The right partner for the journey.

Strong Tower is trusted by life sciences leaders in every stage of the clinical journey for our standard of excellence and commitment to customer success.

Deep pharmaceutical expertise

Trusted by 6 of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies, our solutions are tightly aligned with the needs of the industry.

Regulatory rigor

From exploratory research to post-market analysis, we ensure your data environment and practices are built to withstand regulatory scrutiny.

Client-centric, consultative approach

We are passionate about supporting, educating, and collaborating with our customers every step of the way.

Strengthen your journey to market.

Join the ranks of leading life sciences companies that have leveraged our solutions to make data their most valuable asset on the path to market.