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SAS Hosting, Installation, Qualification and Validation Services

Strong Tower Solutions is a leader in providing Hosted, Qualified, and Validated SAS to Life Science organizations. We have successfully serviced more than 100 customers and have developed a consistent process and set of documents to ensure it is done right every time. If you are looking for a low risk, auditable, fast, and fixed price solution for hosted, qualified, and possibly validated SAS, leveraging our expertise is your answer.

SAS® Hosted Solution

Our philosophy of delivering service is to help you make the right decision based on what is best for your organization. Whether that is a complete end-to-end hosted solution or one where you utilize your own or other hosting vendors for SAS and other applications. If you’re looking for STS to host your GxP applications we have partnered with a hosting provider that is dedicated to the Life Sciences industry. Strong Tower in partnership with Validated Cloud delivers a “best of breed” complete end-to-end SAS Hosted Solution for Life Sciences.

If you are looking for a fast path to a defendable SAS® Hosted Solution, Strong Tower Solutions can get you up and running in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. We can provide both validated and non-validated hosting and customize a solution that meets your specific needs!

Guidance and leadership to get you up and running with SAS!

1. Primary Systems Integrator (working with SAS and the Hosting provider of choice)

2. SAS Partner and Reseller (Handling your SAS Software needs and purchase)

3. Providing standardized and proven qualification and validation documentation

4. Experienced SAS Engineers with install and qualification expertise

5. We can support your environment once it is up and running

purpose-built service for the hosting of Qualified Hardware, Applications, and Data!

1. GxP GAMP 5 qualified and HIPPA compliant hosting provider

2. Strong Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 9001

3. Providing VaaS™ (Validation as a Service) for your hosted platform

4. Security – ISO/IEC 27001 certified

5. Highly experience Life Science Quality staff for service oversight

Additional Applications that can be Qualified and Hosted:

SAS Installation, Qualification, and Validation Services

Strong Tower Solutions developed a standardized process and documentation set that has been successfully used on hundreds of customers to install and qualify SAS. Combined with our dedicated SAS life science technical team, we ensure a smooth and completely qualified SAS environment for our customers. In addition, we have assisted many of our customers in performance qualifications and full validation. If you need SAS validated, we can provide the templates and consulting services to fully validate your SAS environment.

Our architects and engineers understand the complete technical stack from operating systems, to database, to SAS, and other technologies that may need installation and configuration that make up your SAS environment.

Successful Installations require:

Our capabilities to ensure your success:

1. Systems Integrator (working with SAS, our Clients and Hosting Providers)

2. SAS Partner – We’re a reseller and services partner and stay up to date on the latest technologies

3. Experienced SAS Engineers with install and configure validation expertise

4. Providing standardized and proven documentation (including Validation Documents)

5. Experience with various Operating Systems, SAS, and Other Analytic Tools

a. Linux, Windows, and Mainframe

b. PC, Server, Mainframe and Grid SAS

c. Databases – Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, and Hadoop