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SAS Administration & Support Services

Reduce overall SAS Support costs and administrative response time by leveraging our highly experienced experts as an extension to your organization!

Strong Tower Solutions offers administration and support for your analytic SAS environment.  This offering is provided at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring full-time, and in some cases, even part-time resources.  In addition, our resources are familiar with and trained to operate our customer’s in GxP controlled environments.

Our flexible capacity-based service model and contract terms let you augment your resources with the highest level of expertise.

Dedicated Support Team, Flexible Monthly Support Capacity

  • System maintenance
  • System troubleshooting
  • ETL support
  • Best practice advice

Our Support activities are typically conducted by our highly trained and experienced engineers in accordance with our customer’s procedures in 21 CFR Part 820 compliant Quality systems.

The Challenge

Hiring and maintaining highly skilled and experienced staff for part-time and on demand needed support and administration is costly and may result in delayed response if resources are tied up with other priorities.

The Solution

A Flexible and Cost-Effective Subscription Based Model

Standardized Services that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today and find out how we can support your needs for analytic platform support!