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Analytic Solution Consulting

The ability to rapidly deploy data and associated analytical solutions in the cloud using various technologies presents organizations with opportunities to grow their data science capability.

But to take advantage of this capability, an understanding of interoperability and technical limitations is needed to effectively choose the right solution for your organization. In addition, internal resources must rapidly come up to speed on how to use the technology effectively. You need a partner with expertise to avoid backtracking or reworking due to architecture design mistakes. Lack of good data management practices and internal data stewardship competency will also hinder an organization in taking advantage of these new capabilities. Organizations still struggle with eliminating data silos, establishing a single source of trusted data, streamlining data flow, and developing sound data governance and security competencies within their organization. All the more reason to engage with a partner that has the expertise and experience to ensure success.

Experience in Life Science analytics

STS offers a wide range of Dynamic Cloud services to provide rich Data Analytic and computation support needs for Life Sciences. Whether you’re looking to build an integrated Data Repository in the cloud or need expertise in integrating technologies between cloud and on-premises computing platforms, our engineers have deep expertise and experience to accelerate your efforts and ensure your success.

We offer a variety of services to Meet your analytic needs

· AWS and Azure deployment and integration with on    premise platforms

· Data Lake/Repository Architecture

· Architecture Design and Implementation

· Training Packages (Cloud Services)


· Installation and Support (R Studio, SAS, and Python)

· Support (Environment Health, User Support etc.)

· Consulting/Customization

· Compliance Design

· Re-platforming

Contact us today and let us show you how you can rapidly deploy and leverage a cloud-based analytic solution to drive business opportunities in both your clinical and non-clinical departments.