Analytics Software & Solutions

Let us help you determine the right SAS Software that meets your needs!
Get top-level sales service from a very experienced team.

SAS offers a variety of tools, as well as horizontal and vertical applications.  With over 15 years of working with SAS internal sales and selling direct to customers we can quickly help you determine what is the best solution for your business.


Used by customers’ resources with or without our help, who use them to solve business problems.

Horizontal Applications

Integrated Tools that address common business challenges such as data management, reporting or analytics modeling across all industries.

Vertical Applications

Industry specific solutions built for specific needs and business problems or challenges such as Real-World Evidence or Sales Operations

Personalized Service

With years of hands-on experience, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of SAS as a full suite as well as individual products. As a result, we can guide you on which products will work best for your organization and how they integrate with your existing data management and analytics software components.


While SAS provides proven products and solutions, it is not the only answer in all situations. Being a separate entity from the software vendor allows us to recommend solutions and products that are the best fit.

Price / Value

Our process is thorough, quick, and focuses on adding value at every step. We want you to be able to start using a solution ASAP to increase your ROI and shorten the time to your break-even point. Our deep knowledge gives us the ability to develop a solution that offers the most business value and lowest total cost of ownership.

Deep expertise

Strong Tower Solutions is a SAS® Value Added Reseller with expertise in network, database, and big data technologies as well as complimentary non-SAS products. We have been involved in hundreds of SAS engagements from both a software and services point of view. The average software sales representative, from any software company, may have a handful of assigned accounts or only one, limiting their experience in both the common and unique ways to solve a business challenge. In addition, companies often rotate or lose account managers forcing clients to re-educate the new ones year after year. As a consulting organization, STS Principals stay with our accounts for much longer periods of time establishing a deeper understanding of our customers’ organization, processes, and procedures.