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Strong Tower Solutions offers Cloud-based Data Science Platforms for Life Sciences. These Data Lakes can be rapidly deployed in AWS or Azure.  For existing SAS clients, we have developed a framework with pre-built bi-directional communication between the SAS platform and a cloud-based data and processing environment.  In addition, R and Python can also be utilized to communicate across platforms. We can provide these capabilities as a service or assist your organization in setting it up, including cross-training of your resources.

The Challenge

Many organizations are having difficulty managing the volume and diversity of their data to support their ever-growing analytic needs.  Their data scientists can’t always trust that the data is clean, complete, and ready for analysis in a timely fashion. This reduces the confidence and the timeliness of the analysis throughout the intelligence lifecycle from raw data to actionable knowledge. Organizations lose actionable opportunities as highly skilled data scientists spend an excessive amount of time on non-value-added data collection and cleansing. In addition, organizations typically have limited skillsets and bandwidth internally to address these issues and develop a platform that can automatically cleanse, process, store, and scale overtime.

The Solution

Strong Tower Solutions (STS) has developed a cloud-based platform, which can easily manage where data from various sources can be systematically ingested and integrated in support of deep analytical research. This capability needs to be easily deployed and scalable over time at a reasonable cost.  Organizations need to start now in terms of collecting, organizing, and storing data to enable future analysis on a larger scale.  The ability to easily deploy this capability and ingest data from various internal and external sources is essential. Reuse of algorithms developed internally in various languages such as SAS, R, or Python against data pulled into a cloud platform is needed to avoid duplicate efforts and possible errors in duplicating results. Organizations simply do not have the skills, experience, time, and extensive funding needed to develop this capability in-house.

  • Pre-built framework in the cloud (AWS or Azure) to ingest, store, organize and process analytical data.
  • A rapidly deployed and scalable data lake in the cloud for data scientists

The diagram below is an example of the technical components built in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.

The STS Advantage

The benefits of the STS cloud-based analytics solution allow organizations to jump start their data lake and analytics solutions at a lower cost compared to in-house development and allow for complete customization of the platform.

In Addition, the following features and benefites include:
Additional options available:

You Decide How It is Implemented

STS can work with you to determine the most advantageous way to implement the cloud-based data lake and analytic platform.  We provide you a framework and configuration as a starting point based on our experience with other life science customers. We can also provide ongoing support in a managed services model thereby providing you complete turn-key support.


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