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The Analytics Journey: What do you need help with?


SAS® offers an integrated set of end-to-end Business Analytics Products!
Let us help you make sure you purchase the “right” product for your needs

Product Suite Business Value Statement Business Issues Addressed

SAS® Office Analytics

Provides timely access to data that can be trusted, shared and implemented via familiar Microsoft Office applications — without IT support. · The company doesn’t have easy access to timely reports such as emerging trends and customer insights.

· The amount of data to be explored is too large or complex for Excel.

· Business analysts largely use Microsoft Office products and can’t manipulate analytic software packages.

SAS® Visual Analytics

Complete visual BI reporting, data discovery and predictive analytics solution with BI dashboard creation and advanced analytics, including forecasting and optimization. No coding required. · We need to collaboratively get answers faster, such as performing what-if analysis on the fly.

· We need to start with a forecast that includes all our data, present those results visually and point out areas to act upon.

· Few people can run reports and explore data; fewer can do forecasting or goal seeking and report in a format easily understood by executives.

SAS® Analytics Pro

Powerful, proven toolset that lets users access data, analyze it and transform it into meaningful, usable information to make business decisions. · Our reports don’t give us the predictive what-if answers we need to make important decisions.

· It takes too long to work with IT to develop new applications.

SAS® Enterprise Miner
for Desktop or Server

A complete data mining solution with a drag-and-drop GUI to identify patterns, trends, relationships
(Correlations) and anomalies by building predictive models.
· The reports we generate are based only on historical data.

· There are problems in our business that seem too complicated to solve.

· Need better-performing models.

SAS® Data Management

Helps to transform, integrate, govern and secure your most critical business asset — your data. · Struggling with accessing, integrating and cleansing large, diverse and unstructured data.

· Need better-prepared data to run reporting and analytics.

· Would like increased productivity of staff using Base SAS to manage data.